Call for papers

Call for papers
Call for papers 2018-03-03T17:09:56+00:00

Publication of review papers

Plenary lectures as well as selected oral communications will be published in a special dedicated issue of Phytochemistry Reviews . The selection will be done by the Editorial Board. The manuscript should be prepared according to the instructions for authors ( and should be submitted after the meeting (deadline 30 November 2018 ).

Instructions for abstracts

Use rich text format (.rtf) or Word-file document (.doc)
Font: Times New Roman, 12 pt, except for the title (16 pt) and references (10 pt).
Number of characters should not exceed 2000 (not including title, authors and affiliations)

Line 1: Title, Times New Roman, 16 pt.
Line 2: Names and initials of all authors, Times New Roman, 12 pt. The presenting author(s) underlined.
Line 3: Institution(s), Times New Roman, 12 pt, italics. When the authors come from different institutions, mark their affiliations by superscripted numbers
Line 4: Body text, Times New Roman, 12 pt, single spacing.
Line 5: References, Times New Roman, 10 pt, single spacing

For an example of the abstract style, click here.

Most of the abstracts will be presented as posters. Additionally, a limited number of abstracts will be considered for oral presentations.

Instructions for Posters

Panel size: Height: 115 cm Width: 95 cm
Posters can be fixed to the board with pins

  • A poster should be self-explanatory.

  • Use matt finish rather than glossy paper.

  • Figures should be designed to be viewed from a distance and should use clear, visible graphics and large type. Each figure or table should have a heading of one or two lines. Additional essential information should be provided in a legend. Photographs should have good contrast, sharp focus and if necessary an indication of scale.

  • Use large type in short, separated paragraphs. Numbered or bulleted lists are effective ways to convey a series of points. Do not set entire paragraphs in uppercase (all capitals) or boldface type.

  • Titles and captions should be short and easy to read, in a sans serif font for preference. Use large lettering as this means a number of people can read the poster from a distance without overcrowding. Remember to caption your poster with the abstract title, authors names and affiliations