Congress themes

Congress themes

Congress themes

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  • Natural products of marine and terrestrial origin as anticancer leads

  • Nutraceuticals from foods and vegetables for chemoprevention

  • Importance of the diet for chemoprevention

  • Innovative methodologies for isolation and structural elucidation

  • In vitro and in vivo anticancer and antioxidant assays

  • QSAR and Modeling for anticancer drug design

  • Combinatorial chemistry, parallel synthesis and library design

  • Multidrug resistance

  • Microbial genomics and anticancer drugs

  • High-throughput screening for anticancer drugs

  • Mathematical oncology: Hybrid Models, Multiscale models, Data mining techniques for early diagnosis, Microenvironmental interactions, Antiangiogenic therapies, Models of metastases, Tumor immune system interaction, Optimum treatment strategies, Epidemiological factors, Neuroscience and Cancer

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